Abi Clarke

Author of Blood and Snow

Abi Clarke is an avid fantasy lover, believing in the magic of everyday life and bringing it to the forefront of her writing. Even from a young age, she found herself absorbed in unique worlds and mystical stories — she feels that each and every person holds an innate magic inside themselves.

Currently living in Essex, England, Abi enjoys spending time in nature with her family. She feels there is nothing better than fresh air and a scenic view to draw inspiration from, and loves to research folklore and mythology in her spare time. As a mother, she strives to keep the magic of life flowing through the smallest of things – a dandelion blowing in the breeze, or the crispness that comes with the first winter’s wind. With her debut novel Blood and Snow, she is keen to demonstrate that magic can come from the smallest of places, and that no one is beyond its reach.

Blood and Snow will be available later in 2021