Adriana Barros

Author of Lola Bloom

Adriana comes from tropical Brazil. Since little, she was obsessed with great stories in books, movies or in her mind.

Graduated in International Relations, she has worked so far in offices, always looking for some joy in this work. In 2015 she visited her mother in the countryside and found a little clue: a silly book written when she was twelve years old. The chapters were enough to encourage her to do something that she really wanted to, tell stories professionally. Since then she started to study to be a professional writer, against her terrible anxiety that doesn’t let her stay too long reading a book.

At thirty-five she became married and moved to Sweden, and a completely new experience was waiting for her. After some years of study, working and new challenges, she dedicated herself 100% to her first book, Lola’s story. It was an idea in her mind for years.

Currently Adriana lives in Florida with her husband and pet, Flicka. She loves to travel, adores animals and food!

Adriana always dreams big and works to make this come true every day.

Lola Bloom will be available later in 2020