“Dead Rock Stars”
“Dead Rock Stars”
  • Author Guy Mankowski
  • Year Published 2020
  • Format Kindle Paperback
  • Catalogue No. 096

‘The first page of my sister’s diary was a picture of Frances Farmer, facing a drawing of Ophelia. My sister’s psychic accomplices were all tragic figures…’

Emma Imrie was a Plath-obsessed, self-taught teenage musician dreaming of fame, from a remote village on the Isle of Wight. She found it too, briefly becoming a star of the nineties Camden music scene. But then she died in mysterious circumstances.

In the aftermath of Emma’s death, her younger brother, Jeff, is forced by their parents to stay at the opulent home of childhood friends on the island.

During a wild summer of beach parties and music, Jeff faces up to the challenges that come with young love, youthful ambition and unresolved grief. His sister’s prodigious advice from beyond the grave becomes the only weapon he has against an indifferent world.

As well as the only place where the answers he craves might exist…

“A great read. Set against the vibrant backdrop of the 1990s London music scene, “Dead Rock Stars” is a mesmerising study of grief as well as a coming of age novel. I found myself immersed in the narratives of Jeff and Emma and marvelled at how the author captured both voices with such authenticity, particularly that of the self-destructive young woman.” Bestselling author of ‘My Sister And Other Liars’ Ruth Dugdall.


“Exciting, evocative and one of the most emotive pieces I’ve read. Very powerful. Packs a punch.” Sara Hawys Roberts, author of “Withdrawn Traces: Searching For The Truth About Richey Manic”.


‘Mankowski builds a compelling story from the inside out, by holding subtle facets of relationships up to the light and exploring them with lapidarian precision. Even in the midst of its clubs and rock bands, the novel maintains a thoughtful serenity throughout, albeit one with sparkling touches of wit. A cracking read.’ Author of ‘Fontoon’ John Schoneboom.