Denise Bloom

Author of The Ladies of Whitechapel, Ghosts of Whitechapel in The Dark London anthology, and The Road to Mallaig in The Dark Scotland anthology


Denise Bloom was born and brought up in Bradford West Yorkshire and now lives in the South West of France.  She has an Honours Degree in Social Sciences.  Always interested in writing she wrote short stories within a creative writing group.  After encouragement from others she gone on to publish her book The Ladies of Whitechapel.  The book is four stories with a common thread.  Each story is the life of a woman that lived in 1888.  When not writing Denise enjoys reading, usually history. Painting and volunteers for a cancer support charity.

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The Ladies of Whitechapel

London, 1888.

Enter the narrow dark alleys of Victorian London, where women sold their bodies for pennies, and the rich preyed among the weak!

In the dark lanes, away from the hustle and bustle of Whitechapel High Street, four women live their lives. But someone is watching – and waiting.

In 1888, five victims of Jack the Ripper became famous for their horrific fate. That same year, police ignored many other women’s murders because of their class, or in an attempt to dispel the idea of a serial killer loose in Whitechapel.

Discover the forgotten women of Whitechapel: from heiress to whore, from wife to murderer – four woven tales of women struggling to survive the terror of Jack the Ripper’s reign.

Dark London

This author has contributed a short story to Dark London, a collection inspired by one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and showcasing the writing talents of seventeen writers across the world.

From mysterious locations to undiscovered people, and covering nearly a millennium of history, we’re sure that you’ll love this diverse collection.

All royalties will be donated to London-based charities. Writers, artists, editors, contributors and the publisher receive no royalties.


Dark London is the first in a series of city-inspired anthologies. Look out for news of the second anthology soon.