Donna Cuttress

Author of The Big Lad in the Dark London Anthology


Donna Cuttress is from Liverpool, U.K. Her work has been published by Crooked Cat, Celestial Press, Firbolg, Flame Tree Publishing, Nocturnal Sirens Publishing and Black Hare Press. Her work for The Patchwork Raven’s ‘Twelve Days’ is available as an artbook. She has also been a speaker at the London Book Fair, and has previously been published by Sirens Call as part of Women in Horror Month.

Donna writes The Big Lad for the Dark London anthology.

Dark London

This author has contributed a short story to Dark London, a collection inspired by one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and showcasing the writing talents of seventeen writers across the world.

From mysterious locations to undiscovered people, and covering nearly a millennium of history, we’re sure that you’ll love this diverse collection.

All royalties will be donated to London-based charities. Writers, artists, editors, contributors and the publisher receive no royalties.


Dark London is the first in a series of city-inspired anthologies. Look out for news of the second anthology soon.