Edward Yeoman

Author of Free Ceilidh Band in the Dark Scotland Anthology

Being different, Edward Yeoman is the real name of the author better known as Ted Bun.

Ted Bun writes stories with a very specific theme. When he started writing material which did not involve people running around naked, he wanted to mark the difference. He had this name, which had only been used for articles in medical journals, lying around; it seemed a shame to waste it.

Edward was born in London lived most of his life in the south of England. The expression “Edward of all trades, master of none,” could have been created for him. However, the diversity of experience is starting to pay off now.

After a lifetime of not knowing what to do, he decided to do something new. He decided to retire, found L’Olivette, his little paradise in the South of France, and started dreaming up stories.

During the long evenings of the winter months, a novella started to take shape, “The Uncovered Policeman.” A light, cosy mystery romance with a cast of pleasant happy people, with quirky characters. It was first published on Valentine’s Day 2016.

Since then, Ted Bun has published over twenty novellas and many short stories.

Edward Yeoman has published several short stories and one novel “The Last Day of June.” Being different, he can’t decide what genre that book belongs in; any suggestions would be most welcome!

Edward writes Free Ceilidh Band for the Dark Scotland anthology.

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