Elizabeth Lyvers

Author of The Honest Lies

In the first grade, Elizabeth Lyvers won the award for “Best Story Writer” and embarked on an endless pursuit of the written word. She discovered the real power of creating stories when she wrote her first novel at age sixteen and came home one night to find her father and toughest critic absorbed in the manuscript, tears streaming down his face.

In college, she became a pharmacist because it was the sensible thing to do. But despite a career that she loves, thoughts about medications are often interrupted by thoughts of story ideas. Eventually, the words always win.

Although a West Virginia girl, she currently finds herself in Texas with her best friend of a husband, their dog Snoop, and a baby on the way. Her debut novel will be released later in 2020. At once a mystery and a narrative of relationships, The Honest Lies is a story about love, loss, and the secrets we keep, even from ourselves.

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The Honest Lies will be available later in 2020

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