Eric Weule

Author of Caffeine and Nicotine

Eric Weule was blessed with an overactive imagination and a love of the written word. These two qualities have combined to make it nearly impossible for him to swim in a lake for fear of the dead things below the surface and the monster behind a closed door is a reality. He solidified these fears in his formative years by devouring books by Stephen King, Robert McCammon, and John Saul.

Eric Weule has written several novels that examine the fear of the unknown and the inherent evil in all of us. They are tales of loss and the fight to protect what is important.

He is the father of two young men, a lifeguard and a trumpet player, neither of which were cursed with his fear of what lies beneath the surface. He lives in Huntington Beach, CA where you can find him writing his next book, feeding the dogs, and watching his girlfriend surf.

Caffeine and Nicotine will be available later in 2020