Georgina Bartlett

Author of Eight

Georgina lives in the UK with her husband. Books have always been a way for her to escape into other worlds, a way to travel through time, learn witchcraft, and fight alongside an army. Books are proof that magic is real.

She started writing songs and poems from a young age, but Georgina found her real passion for writing when she submitted a short story to her English Literature class at secondary school. While she didn’t win, her English teacher took her aside and told Georgina that her idea was unique, and to stay committed to my writing. From that day she has never stopped writing, filling notebooks with ideas. And never forgotten her teacher.

Music is part of her everyday life, and she is a huge fan of a great soundtrack in films. She likes to plan her own music playlists when she writes, and really step into my characters’ shoes. She has always dreamed of bringing her stories to life and has done so, successfully, in her debut novel, Eight.

Eight will be available later in 2021