Isabella Mancini

Author of The Violinist's Apprentice

Isabella Mancini: the alter ego of prolific author Olga Swan.
The Violinist’s Apprentice. 7 novels, 7 missing artefacts, 7 female protagonists, set in Italy, Jordan, India, Peru, Mexico, Brazil and China.

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The Violinist's Apprentice

A dark journey through time.

On a group trip to Rome, musician Clementina is whirled back in time to 17th century Italy.

Amidst court intrigue and creaking carriages, Italy becomes a chiaroscuro backdrop to her growing feelings for young violin-maker Antonio Stradivari. They kiss under an orange tree, and she persuades him to help a poor young boy from the nearby orphanage.

But people begin to notice just how ‘strange’ the young woman at the artist’s side is. She must be a witch!

Meanwhile, in present-day Scotland, her brother suffers a life-threatening accident, and in an icy corner of the Arctic, a professor frets about global warming.

Can Clementina find a way to return to the 21st century?