J.K. Fulton

Author of Keeper of the Light in the Dark Scotland Anthology

J.K. Fulton lives in Leicester, but as his father was a lightkeeper, he grew up at lighthouses all around the Scottish coast. His short stories have appeared in Uncharted Constellations (Space Cat Press, 2020), Best of British Science Fiction 2018 (NewCon Press, 2019), Leicester Writes Short Story Prize Anthology (Dahlia Books, 2018) and Shoreline of Infinity (The New Curiosity Shop, 2016).

Under the somewhat transparent pseudonym John K. Fulton, he has also written Scottish children’s historical fiction: The Wreck of the Argyll (Cargo 2015, republished Cranachan 2018), and The Beast on the Broch (Cranachan, 2016). Find him on Twitter: @johnkfulton.

J.K. writes Keeper of the Light for the Dark Scotland anthology.

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