James Gault

Author of Strikers of '84 in the Dark Scotland Anthology

James Gault is an award-winning short story writer, poet and novelist, born in Ayrshire in Scotland, now living in SW France. His fiction career began in 2007, when he won the writing prize from the British Czech and Slovak Society for his short story ‘Old Honza’s Day Out’. He has since written eight novels, some political satires and several psychological and philosophical thrillers. He has also published several short stories and from time to time he dabbles in poetry.

In addition he is the author of books on English Language Teaching and other non-fiction. Many of his articles and papers on language teaching, travel and philosophy have been published in magazines and journals.

His main interests are philosophy and politics, but he loves anything that makes him smile. He writes  to amuse, so:

            If want to laugh till your face turns blue  

            Wee Jimmy’s daft stories are made for you.


James writes Strikers of ’84 for the Dark Scotland anthology.