Kelsey Josund

Author of Pretty Deadly

Kelsey is a software engineer and author living and working in Silicon Valley, California. She studied computer science at Stanford University, but has always loved stories in all their forms. She approaches writing fiction the same way she approaches writing code: she likes to know where it’s going, but wants to figure out the details as she goes along. Good software is a lot like a good story, full of neat and clever solutions to tricky problems, beautiful at a granular level but also from a distance.

Originally from Seattle, Kelsey loves getting outdoors and living in places that allow her to escape to the mountains on the weekends, and she cares deeply about the ecosystems that humans impact and that impact us. Her writing explores these issues while also following classic coming-of-age arcs in science fiction and fantasy. She’s also very interested in stories and characters that complicate the traditional and familiar, leading her to fairytale retellings from unexpected angles.

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