MJ Williams

Author of The Velocity of Blood

MJ always loved reading twisty thrillers where he had no idea who the next victim would be, or indeed whodunnit. He started writing short stories on airplanes as a means – alongside medicinally inadvisable quantities of coffee – of staving off jetlag. Walking through Regents Park one bright March morning, and faffing around on twitter (where he can be found @jumpingbackward), he discovered Cambridge University’s Masters degree in Crime and Thriller Writing. A eureka moment ensued, a short story submitted and the rest is history.

MJ’s day job is in the City, although he historically has used the word career as a verb. In his spare time, he competes enthusiastically but badly at track & field, is a rugby referee, and takes full advantage of his ability to bump off many of his colleagues and friends through his pen.

The Velocity of Blood is his first novel.