Murder in the Marsh
Murder in the Marsh
  • Author Kevin Carey
  • Year Published 2020
  • Format Kindle Paperback
  • Catalogue No. 104

A missing body. Two new deaths. A man in search of the truth.

Revere Beach, Massachusetts

Detective Eddie Devlin is about to be relieved of his duty by the Revere Police Department.

A year ago, he shot the killer of a woman in the marsh, but the man’s body disappeared from the crime scene. Eddie soon became a suspect, then a person of interest, and finally a casualty of the ongoing investigation.

Shortly after he is let go, two bodies are found in the same place, and suspicions about Eddie’s guilt resurface. Determined to clear his name, the new civilian Devlin conducts his own investigation with the help of his bartender friend, Dana, and his almost girlfriend, Gwen.

The sordid beachfront, the murky marsh, and the rain-soaked season all help to set the stage for this gritty and unsettling mystery, where Devlin battles his relentless demons on the way to uncovering a deeper conspiracy.