Sophie Morton-Thomas

Author of Travel by Night

Sophie was born with an over-active imagination and would make up hugely exaggerated stories for her family before declaring “not really!” over the dinner table. She would read Enid Blyton’s ‘Magic Faraway Tree’ and also ‘The Worst Witch’ over and over until they were imprinted in her head, then make up her own versions.

She lives in West Sussex and Travel by Night is her first novel. She has toyed with both the short story and flash fiction form, and has been shortlisted in national competitions for these. By day, she is an English teacher, and by night she is baby Raffy’s nocturnal companion, at the same time she makes mental notes for the next story. Two much older children add to the mix of chaos in the household, as well as a long-suffering husband. Some of the dark ideas for her stories come from a part of her mind that is activated by sheer sleep deprivation.

Travel by Night will be available later in early 2021