Ted Bun

Author of December Fog in the Dark London Anthology


Born in London and having lived most of his life in the south of England, the expression “Ted of all trades, master of none,” could have been created for Ted Bun. However, the diversity of experience is starting to pay off now.

After a lifetime of not knowing what to do, Ted decided to do something new. He retired. Mrs Bun agreed that this was what we going to do. They spent two years searching before they found L’Olivette, their little paradise in the South of France, and started offering relaxing holidays in their gîte.

During the long evenings of the quiet season, a novella started to take shape, “The Uncovered Policeman.” A light, cosy mystery romance with a cast of pleasant happy people, with quirky characters. It was first published on Valentine’s Day 2016.

The characters wrote themselves into a series of ten books, with short stories and other books set in the same world. While building on earlier events each book is self-contained.

A series of three stories “The New House” trilogy followed.

More recently, Crooke and Loch launch their careers, solving mysteries and crimes in “The Summer of ’71” and “Runners and Riders”.

Ted writes December Fog for the Dark London anthology.

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Dark London

This author has contributed a short story to Dark London, a collection inspired by one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and showcasing the writing talents of seventeen writers across the world.

From mysterious locations to undiscovered people, and covering nearly a millennium of history, we’re sure that you’ll love this diverse collection.

All royalties will be donated to London-based charities. Writers, artists, editors, contributors and the publisher receive no royalties.


Dark London is the first in a series of city-inspired anthologies. Look out for news of the second anthology soon.