The Girl From The Killing Streets
The Girl From The Killing Streets
  • Author David Hough
  • Year Published 2020
  • Format Kindle Paperback
  • Catalogue No. 076

Released on April 29th. Pre-order now here.

She needed help.

Instead, she went to gaol.

Bloody Friday.

On 21st July 1972, twenty bombs exploded across Belfast.

A young woman called Sorcha Mulveny was there. She appeared to be up to something. In court later, she confessed to committing two brutal murders and was given a life sentence.

Eight years later.

A journalist has permission to interview Sorcha in Armagh Gaol. They talk, but something isn’t right. Her words don’t ring true.

Determined to find out what really happened, he interviews other people who were there. Slowly, a different story emerges.

The Girl from the Killing Streets is a story of family intrigue, of personal shame, and of overwhelming regret for what Sorcha did not do on that fateful day.