The Magical Life of Lola Bloom
The Magical Life of Lola Bloom
  • Author Adriana Barros
  • Year Published 2020
  • Format Kindle Paperback
  • Catalogue No. 075

No one loves her; no one understands her.

She doesn’t fit into this world. This is Lola Bloom when she finds out that her parents are hiding a big secret. She discovers clues after a car accident, but these have consequences.

Following her return from a brief visit to a curious world, Lola’s eye turns purple- a sign that something more is about to happen. When her father is kidnapped, she is forced to act.

Lola is sunk into a dangerous adventure in a parallel world. She soon discovers the secret: her real origin lies within the royalty of Lumen. Yes, she has a whole kingdom waiting for her in the fourth dimension. But she must get her father back from Leike’s Land and destroy Elof, the villain who threatens Lumen. But he doesn’t seem so dangerous, and she feels drawn to him. All this sounds like madness, but what if it is?

The journey is long and uncertain, and her mind is against her.

Lola will dare you to find out what is real or fantasy in her life. All is possible, all is true, depending on who believes it.