Alex Shepherd

Author of Aether Shift

Alex grew up in the mountains of Montana, USA, in a family that celebrated the outdoors and all it had to offer. Growing up camping, hiking, hunting, and fishing, she developed an intense love of the wilderness and all the creatures in it. That childhood love led to a professional career in training dogs, a mad and expensive passion called falconry, and, when combined with an overactive imagination, the creation of fantastical, creature-filled worlds put down in print.

In writing and reading she adores fantasy, creatures, monsters, and magic. Her worlds tend to be dark and gritty, but she’s still a sucker for a happy ending.

Outside of writing, she shares her home with hawks, dogs, and a very patient husband. She’s a shameless coffee addict and has a fondness for Montana’s prolific local craft breweries, good food, and good wine.

Aether Shift will be available later in 2021