Carynn Bohley

Author of Darkness Rise

Carynn has been telling stories since she could speak.

They were usually along the lines of ‘the dog went to the park’ or ‘the girl was happy,’ but as the years went by, Carynn worked to hone her craft. She read as many books as she could, watched interviews with famous authors, and wrote constantly.

By the time she turned sixteen, she had written a full-length scifi novel, self-published two short stories on Amazon, and launched a blog about writing. Later that year she had the opportunity to graduate early, and began to pursue an associates degree in General Studies. In early 2020, she self-published a YA novella titled ‘Dear Jackson.’

It was during her second semester of college that she took a writing class, and her professor (a successful author himself) assured her that her writing was good enough to traditionally publish.

She then made this her quest. She wrote a new novel, a YA fantasy titled ‘Darkness Rise,’ determined to build a larger audience for her writing.

Carynn lives on a farm in Upstate NY, USA, with her parents, four younger siblings, an Australian shepherd, two cats, and an ever-increasing flock of chickens. She isn’t sure what to expect further down the line, but one thing she knows for certain: She will never, ever stop writing.

Darkness Rise will be available later in 2020